GOFISH Visits a Local printers

We would like to thank Mike Prior for our recent visit to his office to discuss printing. Please see his editorial below about the meeting.


David Baker and George Daulman visited my office to have a brief discussion about design and print or design for print, for the rest of this article we will refer to it as (DAP).

In 1958 when I was at East Barnet Grammar School in Hertfordshire, i joined an out of school hours activity known as “The Printing Club”, this club took over my life and I spent every evening learning more about print procedures than my GCE’s! I applied for and took an external JIC exam for entry into the printing industry passed and then started a 5 year apprenticeship as a compositor (a person who constructs the words either by hand using metal type or now primitive keyboard). That was 1961 and I am still fully occupied in DAP.
Over half a million people in this country are employed in some aspect of design and or print and for a lifetime vocation you would be hard to find a occupation that can give you such great rewards.

You wake up in the morning and see posters on your wall, books, magazines, your attention is caught by the point of sale and packaging in the supermarket on your way to school, the clever design and marketing of the yellow and red colours of the packaging makes you hungry, you buy items to consume, all (DAP).

As you approach the school you see the signage and directions to various buildings, again all (DAP), your school life is not all computers it is text books and illustrative pictures on the walls, and when you arrive home you have a pile of junk mail on the doormat (this is bread and butter for the design a print industries).
I have been continuously employed in the print industry since leaving school 56 years ago, and I would encourage anyone contemplating a rewarding and fulfilling vocation, to either embark on an apprenticeship into the printing trade or a college or degree course in design.

About Bath Midway Litho Limited

Company formed in June 1985, directors Michael Prior and Phyllis Prior.
Designated as a print management company specialising in the production of high quality lithographic and digital printing and finishing.
Organising the complete manufacturing cycle and production from design through printing, binding and distribution of the written word for local national and international clients.