“You dont have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”
– Zig Ziglar
Jon Amies, from apetito, presenting at a GOFISH Speaker’s Evening

We’ve discussed the ‘Tech Basics’ to deliver online presentations and our top tips for virtual job interviews (click here if you missed it), and we’ve talked about how to prepare, (click here for a re-cap). Now, in the last of this “Presentation “Picks” & Top Tips” series we take a look at how to deliver your presentation, gain audience interaction and how to make your presentation memorable.

Smile, smile and smile some more:
Like it or not, we can’t hide our emotions – we’re human. People can hear your mood in your voice and see it with your body language. If you’re not feeling happy, you will project that, so try boosting your mood. Make yourself smile and laugh, watch a funny video, talk to someone who makes you happy and will support you. Sounding confident and happy is key to success, so make it count.

Show your face:
We love to see faces, and yours is no exception. Many video call programs such as Zoom or Skype allow you to share your screen while also showing your face, it’s a huge boost to your likability factor by seeing you!

…Better still, show more of you:
If you can, and have the space, move your webcam further back from you (remember to test the location beforehand!) so they can see your face and upper body. By pushing the camera back, your audience can see your body language better. In fact, one of the most important nonverbal cues are your hand gestures – that’s really powerful body language.

It’s all in the posture:
You can even go one step further by standing to deliver your presentation rather than sitting! You’ll be able to project your voice louder and deeper and it helps you naturally convey a confident posture if your chest is up and your back is straight. Use your kitchen counter or another higher position to place your laptop or webcam. Remember though, if you have to sit, keep your back straight throughout.

A downside to online presentations is that it’s harder to engage your audience, so alongside your great visuals, adding an element of interaction for your audience will keep their interest. Here are a couple of ideas on how to add some interaction…

Use physical props:
Props are great when you’re explaining an idea, demonstrating a product, or just creating a memorable moment. Just like your visuals (that we talked about in last month’s edition – click here in case you missed it), they should always support your presentation, and not distract from it. Don’t show the prop until it’s actually needed and make sure they can actually see the prop, so avoid using small objects that are difficult for the audience to focus on.

Become a quizmaster:
Including your audience’s opinions using surveys is a good way to get people interacting. Insert a little quiz with a list of possible answers which the audience can vote on – there are lots of free online quiz makers available that can do this. Even giving them a question slide followed by a list of answers will make them think – of course follow it up with the right answer, and think about putting the answer at the end of your presentation.

The most simple idea (but simplicity is often the best) for great audience interaction is to simply ask questions. Get your audience to talk to you by posing them a question and letting them come back to you with an answer – why not combine this with the tip above?

Practice, practice, practice:
With delivery and interaction, the great thing about online presentations is that you can practice everything in the comfort of your own home. You can practice in the same room you’ll present in, with the same lighting, with the same computer setup, and everything just as it will be on the day. If you can, screen record yourself while you’re practicing and review afterwards for areas to improve, even send it to family or friends for their suggestions.

No matter what, just remember Practice Makes Perfect and you’ve got this! Whether you’re a beginner, or expert, we hope you found these tips useful and if you have any tips you’d like to share, why not email us at and we’ll include them in our next edition.