My Work Experience Week with apetito

My Work Experience Week with apetito

By George Daulman

Monday – Day 1

My first morning at apetito I spent with new employees in general health and safety training. Later, we had a tour of the building and manufacturing facilities; it was awesome to see all the departments and learn about the roles everyone had in the business.

I was then taken to apetito’s Marketing Department where I met Head of Marketing Chris Aston. He took me over the fundamentals of how they work, how they sell, who they sell too. I was then introduced to Dan, Digital Manager and my supervisor for the week. Dan took me through the plan for the week, which included a range of several different tasks and a few meetings too.

After lunch in their staff canteen – where they serve their own food – I was shown my desk and computer for the week. The first project I started on was creating an Email Campaign using Mailchimp, which I was used to using for GOFISH. This email was for Care homes about changes to their product lists. This was due to be sent Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – Day 2

After sending the Email Campaign, I then made a start on my second project which was Tactical Communications. Businesses may use social media or other platforms to send out tactically thought out posts. To do this, I researched all the months of the year, and different special days in those months, such as National Marine Week in July. I then linked this with a product, such as their Fish Pie and created an advertisement for social media linking in with their company values, such as Ethical and Sustainability and linking it with facts like 97% of apetito’s wild fish is certificated by the MSC.

It was extremely amazing to get access to the amount of resources the business had, and I learned very valuable computer skills and taught myself a new programme with help from colleagues.

After lunch, whilst carrying on with making adverts, I looked at the results from the email marketing campaign.

Wednesday – Day 3

I began the day, carrying on with my tactical communications from the afternoon before, but shortly offered to help the Visits & Events Co-ordinator sort out a room for a lunch meeting for apetito directors.

After this, I put on an apron with a rather unflattering hair mesh and helped to prepare the meal. It was great to understand how their products work, and how easy they are to heat up too; it really helped put into perceptive what their business was about, and their main selling points too.

That afternoon, I was very kindly invited to attend a meeting with apetito’s branding agency in Bath about their new brochures and product photoshoot. I loved sitting in on the meeting, and I certainly learnt so much about design, the importance of consistency, and how businesses work with other businesses.

Thursday – Day 4

I spent the first part of the morning finishing off my tactical communications project. After that I was then asked to work on some two infographic documents. These were based from market research in two different care homes they supply too. One was about their food, and the other about apetito’s service. Infographics is something I have never tried before, and I enjoyed the designing aspects of creating the document, it was amazing to think that they would be used in a meeting in the future.

I was then invited to another meeting, with their Bristol based digital marketing agency who ran their CMS based in after lunch. This meeting was much more technical, and many bits flew way over my head, but some of it which I picked up and understood was extremely interesting and useful.

Friday – Day 5

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Friday was casual and the day was shortened by an hour too; which I wouldn’t suspect for such a big employer, but I thought it worked very well in the business.

The first part of the day, I completed the infographics sheets I was working on and made some final alterations to them. I then went to work on completing a research project about another business, and looked at what they did, and who they were, as well as going through all their social media posts to get a bigger picture.

That afternoon, I helped prepare some of their materials in their warehouse for them to use at an exhibition stand later that month.

Monday – Day 6

I was asked if I wanted to attend an extra day at their new product photoshoot, something they were discussing at the branding agency’s meeting the previous week.

As a keen photographer starting out myself I was completely and utterly amazed when I went to the photographer’s studio in Bristol that day. It gave me so many ideas on how I could improve my skills, and how they run a photography shoot with timetables and plans. I spoke to so many new people, including food stylists, and the photographer about how they photograph food and other product shots, and got extremely useful tips that I now use myself.


Dan, Digital Manager said “I’ve had my fair share of bad work experience placements, so I was keen to ensure the experience was both beneficial and enjoyable for George; allowing him to be involved in tangible projects and taking ownership for specific tasks. George was a great addition to the team; getting stuck into all the projects and delivering them to a high level”

I would like to thank everyone involved in making my work experience week so enjoyable. Thank you to David from GOFISH, for helping to arrange the week with Zoe in HR, and a big thank you to Dan, my supervisor for organising and spending the time to tutor and challenge me with all the tasks throughout the week, and not once was I asked to make a tea or coffee, and to the rest of the apetito team for welcoming me onboard so kindly.

I did not want to leave; I loved every minute of the experience. I have learnt so much that I could never learn in a classroom and this week will stick with me for the rest of my career. The week with apetito has now made me realise that I want to work in Marketing and that my next step would be to go and study in University to achieve this.

Finally, my advice would be for anyone nervous or unsure about doing work experience is just to get as much as you can from the week. Ask every question you can think of, and make sure that you make the most of it!

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