GOFISH Celebration Evening – Your Feedback Matters

Your Feedback Matters

We love to hear your feedback about our events and programme, if you have any feedback please feel free to send over to us

“You very kindly invited my wife and I and a friend to attend your GOFISH event on Tuesday evening.

Having read your mission statement it was very evident on the night, that the aims of the development of young entrepreneurs, through a partnership of education and business, and the hard work and dedication by yourself, is being successfully achieved. It was very obvious to the three of us that the students have benefited from the programmes of GOFISH which has resulted in them going a long way in being prepared for the world of work. Congratulations, thank you for your hospitality, and to all those involved for what was a most enjoyable event.”

Michael Williams MBE. Retired CEO of Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce


“This is another excellent example of Trowbridge people pulling together and achieving outstanding results. These young people are our future and deserve to be recognised for their talent and hard work. My thanks go to the ‘Go Fish’ team and everyone concerned who contribute to Trowbridge being a great place to live.”

Deborah Halik, Trowbridge Mayor


“Wiltshire College is delighted to have been a part of the GOFISH initiative and we can see its very positive impact on our students in terms of employability and entrepreneurial skills. 

The skill set they have gained through the project will stand them in good stead for their future careers.”

Amanda Burnside, Principal of Wiltshire College


“GOFISH has provided a unique opportunity for the business studies students at Wiltshire College. They were given the opportunity to work with local employers and learn some essential skills.  It has been an excellent collaboration which the college and the students are extremely proud of and grateful for. The Celebration Evening was a great success and the students were proud of their achievements and awards”

Pippa Thomas, Business Studies Lecturer, Wiltshire College


“I just want to thank you for all you have done for our son since he became a part of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition. First of all, thank you for opening the competition up to musicians as well as stall holders. Before the competition, he really only thought of himself as a musician, not as a business person.  He had never really realised that to be successful in the music industry that he must also have good business sense. The competition made him define his goals and focus on how to reach them. The support from the GOFISH team has been incredible. Thank you for all the words of encouragement. The experience has been amazing and I would highly recommend the programme to any young person.”

Carla, Parent of Finalist


“As a business owner and recruiter I feel passionately regarding the work GOFISH is undertaking, assisting young people enhance their skills relative to the world of work.

The Dragons Dungeon project was a daunting task for those participating but in reality the working world is tough, and the skills they were expected to demonstrate have proved invaluable to those taking part.

As a judge, it was inspiring and motivational to meet young people who were focused on success and able to illustrate the passion they felt for their products/services. The whole event was exceptionally well organised, and the celebration evening was one everyone could enjoy including family and friends.  If this first event can generate enthusiasm for future participants, then it is a big step in the right direction.”

Beverley Glover, MD of White Horse Employment



Mike Prior


“Witnessing the celebration of what the students had achieved over the last year with GOFISH, was truly a proud moment to be part of a community which offers support to our young people. For people to achieve they need the right support. GOFISH nurture these roots and direct people’s energy in the right direction.”

Aby Cooper Customer Service Manager, Civic Centre


“Thank you so much for such a brilliant evening, it feels amazing to have been chosen as this year’s winner and it will certainly help boost the profile of my business. Through this competition I have gained confidence in speaking about my business and it has pushed me to look into ways of expanding which were not possible before without the prize money.”

Nicola Davis, Winner of The Gripit Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017


It was wonderful to see such a huge turnout of people, all passionate about supporting our young people with their business endeavours. It’s very refreshing to find an organisation like GOFISH, who are so genuinely interested in helping youngsters to achieve their goals.  I know Nicola will use her prize money to grow her business in a new direction, which she would not have been able to do without the support of GOFISH and this competition.

Katherine Davis, Parent of Winner of The Gripit Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017


“I found the experience of GOFISH very educational. It taught me how to present in front of people and how to pitch my ideas. It also helped boost my confidence. I have also learned the importance of networking and have made some good contacts which will hopefully be useful in the future. Many thanks!”

Ben Laver, Finalist in The Gripit Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017


“As a firm that embraces educational programmes for young people, Office Evolution were delighted to support the GOFISH Awards event that have recognised and rewarded entrepreneurial spirit in today’s youth. The programme has empowered young people to harness both their personal and business skills and has provided a practical “look” of what is required in the “world of work”. It has sparked energy and enthusiasm of the young people in Trowbridge, teaching employability skills that they will need as employees and entrepreneurs of the future. It was encouraging to see great business, both established and developing; through the young people’s innovation and teamwork, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our young entrepreneurs.”

Steve Davis, MD of Office Evolutions


Thank you for inviting me to act as Master of Ceremony at the GOFISH Celebration Evening for the Young Entrepreneur Awards here in Trowbridge. It was great to see that there are so many young budding Entrepreneurs with so much talent ready to embrace the future. It was also wonderful to see so many distinguishing guests from the business community, education and politics giving their time freely to cheer on these youngsters.

It should also not be forgotten David, that without you and your team, non of this would have been made possible. Well Done.

Congratulations to all involved.”

Ian Pugh FGInPT, Master of Ceremony (if you would like Ian for your next event, please email him at iann.pugh@gmail.com or phone call him using 01225768781/07749789361)

GOFISH Celebration Evening a huge success!

Over 80 guests celebrated with GOFISH the achievements of young people who had been involved in several opportunities to win Awards, were presented with their trophies and cheques at The Town Hall on the 25th July. The prizes were worth £1650.


Making a real difference – How to really stand out at interviews

apetito has been providing food and making a difference to the lives of the elderly and vulnerable for over 50 years. We are about so much more than just food production; you could say we are in the ‘quality of life’ business. From our range of texture modified food that won a Queen’s award for Innovation in 2016, to our award winning Chefmobil ovens, our food and catering solutions to care homes, local authorities and hospitals as well as to the general public via our sister company Wiltshire Farm Foods, are making a real difference.
And it doesn’t stop there. We want our people to be passionate and to stand out from the crowd as well. So how do you ‘stand out’ at interview?

Zoe Beauvoisin, Learning and Development Manager at apetito explains, “Firstly, you need to show your passion for what we do and tell us why you want to join a company like us. Then, you need to prepare well in advance, making sure that you have examples from your school work, college experience or extra-curricular activities at your fingertips that highlight key skills. Behavioral interview questions are a big part of our job interviews. Our managers use these types of questions in order to get an idea if you have the skills and competencies needed for the job. The rationale is that if they know how you performed in the past it will help give a sense of how you might do in the future. For you as the candidate, you’ll need to prepare answers (basically “interview stories”) that highlight the different competencies and skillsets the employer is looking for. The problem is most candidates might have a general idea of how to answer these questions, but the answers usually come out way too long and unfocused, and won’t put the candidate in the best light. That’s why you’ll need to make a concerted effort to create these stories and adapt them to the relevant competencies. For example, if we ask you to tell us about a time when you have had to work to tight deadlines (because the job role requires this), then have a real life example ready and be prepared to specifically explain what you did to make sure you hit those deadlines. Think about what the SITUATION was, what ACTIONS you took to ensure you hit the deadlines and what the OUTCOME was every time you answer a question.

Here are some other top tips that may seem basic, but surprisingly are often forgotten:

  • Check your CV and covering letter for grammar and typos – if the role requires good attention to detail and there are spelling mistakes in your CV then you won’t make it past sifting stage.
  • Do your research on the company. Can you go the extra mile and find out what we really do – don’t just quote a fact from the website.
  • Be ready to talk about your school/college & work experience – We really want to hear about you and what you specifically have done and achieved to date.
  • Preparation is really important as it allows you to show off your skills to the interviewer. Use the job description to pull out topics that the interviewer might ask you about and prepare your answers in advance.
  • Research behavioural interviewing and develop your own “interview stories”.
  • Good luck and don’t forget to let your passion shine through.

Zoe speaking to College students about the apetito product range on their visit to the local employer


GOFISH Visits a Local printers

We would like to thank Mike Prior for our recent visit to his office to discuss printing. Please see his editorial below about the meeting.


David Baker and George Daulman visited my office to have a brief discussion about design and print or design for print, for the rest of this article we will refer to it as (DAP).

In 1958 when I was at East Barnet Grammar School in Hertfordshire, i joined an out of school hours activity known as “The Printing Club”, this club took over my life and I spent every evening learning more about print procedures than my GCE’s! I applied for and took an external JIC exam for entry into the printing industry passed and then started a 5 year apprenticeship as a compositor (a person who constructs the words either by hand using metal type or now primitive keyboard). That was 1961 and I am still fully occupied in DAP.
Over half a million people in this country are employed in some aspect of design and or print and for a lifetime vocation you would be hard to find a occupation that can give you such great rewards.

You wake up in the morning and see posters on your wall, books, magazines, your attention is caught by the point of sale and packaging in the supermarket on your way to school, the clever design and marketing of the yellow and red colours of the packaging makes you hungry, you buy items to consume, all (DAP).

As you approach the school you see the signage and directions to various buildings, again all (DAP), your school life is not all computers it is text books and illustrative pictures on the walls, and when you arrive home you have a pile of junk mail on the doormat (this is bread and butter for the design a print industries).
I have been continuously employed in the print industry since leaving school 56 years ago, and I would encourage anyone contemplating a rewarding and fulfilling vocation, to either embark on an apprenticeship into the printing trade or a college or degree course in design.

About Bath Midway Litho Limited

Company formed in June 1985, directors Michael Prior and Phyllis Prior.
Designated as a print management company specialising in the production of high quality lithographic and digital printing and finishing.
Organising the complete manufacturing cycle and production from design through printing, binding and distribution of the written word for local national and international clients.

College Students visit apetito

Profit through Partnership

An excellent day was experienced by 20 students from Trowbridge College at apetito on the 4th April. GOFISH coordinated the visit so that the students could experience the ‘World of Work’.

Pippa Thomas Lecturer at the College said, “This was an invaluable day for our business studies students who were given the opportunity to see how a locally based firm is thriving in a competitive environment”.

The day included a factory visit, food tasting and a variety of presentations from recruitment at apetito to how apetito ‘makes a real difference’ to the elderly and vulnerable.

Zoe Beauvoisin, Learning and Development Manager from apetito said, “It’s fantastic to engage with young apprentices who are part of the future talent pipeline of our organisation and we look forward to working with GOFISH again in the future”.

Howard Travel join GOFISH’s sponsorship team

Howard Travel part of the Norad Travel group have once again supported the ‘Young Entrepreneurs of Trowbridge’ with a £200 Voucher as a prize when finalists will be judged in the ‘Dragons Dungeon’ by our Judges, Beverley Glover MD of White Horse Employment – Commercial Recruitment Specialists, Wiltshire, Jordan Daykin MD of GripIt Fixings and Steve Davis co-owner/Sales Director of Office Evolution Ltd. They will join our ‘Sponsor’s’ from GripIt, Office Evolution, Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Services, Trowbridge Area Board, Trowbridge Council and Wiltshire Council.

Nick Payton of Norad said “Howard Travel are delighted to support GOFISH which is committed to helping youngsters in the town prepare for the world of work, or to become a young entrepreneur.” Howard Edgington of Norad said “I have been trading as Howard Travel in Trowbridge for 30 years and extremely pleased that we can sponsor the young people of the County Town once again. The GOFISH Programme certainly gives them the opportunity to realise what the World of Work is all about as a young Entrepreneur, which I was many years ago.”