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Email Access

There are 3 email accounts connected to GOFISH: info, David and George.

They are all accessed via on the same online email system called Webmail

Click here to open webmail

Users Information

The username for each account is the email

The 4 email accounts are: | | |

All passwords for all accounts are defaulted to ‘Gofish2016’ (Capital G, rest in lower case | no spaces)

How to use

  • Now you have logged in, you should now be able to view all of your emails to the account
  • All emails to I will receive on my laptop from the account
  • An emails to David or George’s account will be automatically forwarded to their own business emails (train and photography) for use as a notification and also stored on this webmail application – replies can then be made from the GOFISH webmail application rather than business email

Composing an email

  1. To compose a new email, click up at the top left button, which says ‘compose’, it has a envelope with a plus sign next to it
  2. Once you have clicked compose, you can now see the email you wish to send out
  3. Put in the address you would like to send to and the subject. If you wish to add a Cc click on the little plus below the To box
  4. To attach a file, click on the right hand side of the screen button that says ‘Attach a file’, and then browse for the required file
  5. Type in your message
  6. Press send up at the top left of the screen

Sending and receiving emails

  1. Press the refresh button on the top left of the screen (the icon which looks like recycling arrows)

Opening emails

  1. New emails that have not been opened on the screen will be highlighted in bold, anything that has been opened will not be
  2. Double click on the email you wish to open on the screen


  1. To reply/reply all/forward/delete/print an email, this can be done with the buttons on the top panel on the screen

Logging off

  1. If you wish to log off of your account or switch accounts press the log off button on the top right of the screen on the darker grey area