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How to copy and paste

  • Copy and pasting can be used for bodies of text, urls (web addresses on the top toolbar of your internet browser), or files.
  1. Highlight what you wish to copy, do this by holding down the left click button on your mouse and dragging this over the text you would like to copy so that it is highlighted – if you wish to copy all of the text in the document press the Ctrl button on your keyboard (bottom left) and the letter A
  2. Now you have the text/file/url you want to copy highlighted, now hold Ctrl and press C
  3. Find where you wish to copy the text/file/url too, and click within that box or area, and then hold Ctrl  and press P
  4. If you have any problems please click here to see a more in detailed description of what to do

Website and support page

Watch the How to use the support page, and overview of the website video here

Video Descriptions

Learn about video descriptions by watching this video here