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Our GOFISH Ambassador and Winchester University Student, George has been working with us to give you some advice about the productive things you can we doing right now whilst self-isolating!

The last couple of weeks have brought about unprecedented measures. It is important that we all follow the government’s guidelines to help protect each other. There are many of us with more time to spare due to a decrease in working hours.

Whilst being stuck at home can be boring, it is also an excellent opportunity to stay productive, so we must use this valuable time wisely. Below are ten constructive ideas that can keep you busy.

1. Update your CV

When was the last time you even looked at your CV? For me, it’s been over a year! Spend an afternoon updating your CV with new information, rewriting your personal statement and send to family and friends who can help proofread it. You never know when it might come in handy!

2. Update your Business Plan

For those who are self-employed or wanting to start up your own business now is the perfect time to update and write a plan. If you already have a plan, spend the time reviewing what you’ve written: have you met your targets; what areas can you improve; what has changed since you started operating?

3. Organisation

Make a list of everything that needs to be done– prioritise tasks and set out a schedule of when to do them. Are there any projects you haven’t finished, or tasks you never usually have the time to do? Aim to get better organised in this time, so when things go back to normal, you are a step ahead!

4. Write a social media planner

If you run a page for your business, take this opportunity to plan ahead what posts you can make. Look at a calendar and key dates in a diary and write your planner around those. Remember consistency is key to keeping your business pages looking professional and easy to read!

5. Find a new hobby

Try something new and find what makes you happy. You might have an old guitar up in the attic you always wanted to learn – spend this time experimenting with different hobbies, and learning new things.

6. Reading in depth

Reading is vital to help learn new skills. Find a topic that interests you and read in depth about it. It can be a topic you learnt at school or something completely different. Once you’ve read about it, make notes, and use a range of sources from documentaries to news articles to get a clear picture of your topic.

7. Market research

Although you cannot carry out research face-to-face, you could use many online tools to help carry out market research to create a marketing strategy for your business. Many websites (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) can help with this. Think about what market you want to aim your business towards and ask friends and family to fill out questionnaires to help you understand the consumer behaviour within your business and its competitors. This research can be extremely useful to add to your business plan!

8. Start a blog

By starting a blog, you are helping to develop your communication and writing skills. Choose a subject, whether it be something you enjoy, or based around your business and write about your experiences within that. It can be a great way to consolidate knowledge and help inform others too!

9. Volunteer

If you are 18 or over, you can apply to become an ‘NHS Volunteer Responder’. This scheme can help people struggling due to recent events with everything from transportation and telephone support. Find more information out here:

10. Stay Home

My final point is to follow all government guidelines that can be found here: – the website also has help and support for those self-employed, school closures and other important information.

Don’t forget GOFISH can help with many of these, from preparing your CV and writing your business plans. For any advice or support email us at: or message us on our social media accounts. Remember to stay safe!

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