COVID-19, Is it all bad?














We have recently been in touch with Jack, one of our GOFISH students who has been involved with the programme in the past. Since leaving college, Jack has been working to save up for what he always wanted to do; Travelling!

Due to COVID-19, Jack had to unwillingly shorten his travels in Australia and reflected on what has been going on in the world. He has shared the following thoughts with us:

“COVID-19, is it all bad?”

Yes and No, it is of course a very catastrophic disaster that we did not see coming which is having a huge impact on everybody’s lives all around the world. However, we need to see some of the good things that are occurring because of the pandemic:

That is nature!

The human species and their daily activities have been put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and this has meant that a lot of daily leisure activities and industrial operations have been put on pause. This has already resulted in a CO2 and other harmful gases drop being released into the atmosphere which was slowly killing the planet and contributing to long term problems of Global Warming. Pollution levels all around the world have been seen to be at their all time lowest because of the event at hand. Isn’t this a good thing?

Animals are getting their chance to take back what we have taken away from them. The human race is one of the most advanced species when it comes to using resources from the earth to create things like buildings and technology which has unfortunately led to us taking over most of the world and the natural areas that once belonged to animals. Dolphins in the Italian rivers, deer’s in Chinese gardens! People and animals can live in tranquillity if we just change our ways slightly which has been proven exceptionally well by this lockdown. Not saying this is the solution, but it’s a start.

The outbreak is not a good thing and it will affect billions around the world but look, nature is thriving and that is a positive and can really lift the mood of some people because at the end of the day there is nothing more beautiful than nature.

It’s very saddening that it takes a disaster like this for us to notice and realise that we are doing things wrong but hopefully we will see the other side when everything starts to improve!’

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