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GOFISH would like to thank Steve and his business for supporting GOFISH. Office Evolution has been involved with us for the past two years.

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Office Evolution – who we are, what we do

Starting from scratch in a residential garage over 10 years ago; we thought Office Evolution were providing just copiers… It soon become apparent we were not.

“With our first contract won on the first day of trading, it became clear that we didn’t just sell copiers… or printers… or fax machines; but something much more important to them. We were giving our customers peace of mind. We were giving them office solutions – simplified.” – Steve Davis, Managing Director.

It wasn’t just the office equipment we were providing.  

We were solving one of the most fundamental of problems that many, if not all, users experience – that dread when the printer breaks or toner runs out and you have a critical deadline to meet and THAT document you NEED to clinch that next deal is nowhere to be seen. It was a gap in the market – where national suppliers were falling short – a simple promise, that we would do everything we could do to solve that issue and get them back up and running.

Based on that promise our service provision, and business, grew – but never losing sight of what we were good at.

We became, and remain, experts in our field – the supply of photocopiers, printers, faxes, scanners and more recently printer-based software solutions to make our customers lives’ easier, reducing waste and controlling costs – the fastest growing sector in the industry and we are leading the way.


Our vision: To be the go-to customer-centric office solutions provider for Wiltshire and beyond


Our mission: To champion affordable “big business” office solutions with a customer focused approach – saving time, reducing waste and controlling costs whilst providing an unrivalled support service that enables our business to thrive


Our values: Trust – Service Excellence – Positivity – Innovation – Communication – Collaboration


“Office Evolution are about celebrating and encouraging young people, their growth and developing their talent ready for the world of work. The GOFISH project does just that – it’s a cause we believe in supporting. It gives young people a chance to expand their skill sets, forge new career paths and more importantly gives us a unique chance to advocate the business people of the future. We sponsor the GOFISH project because we believe in the talent of the future and they are worth celebrating and because inspiring and supporting young people is something we think everyone should be involved in, regardless of your industry sector.” – Steve Davis.

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